Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Plan

I have always wanted to be a teacher. An educator. A mentor.

But I pursued, then languished, in a career in government/civil service instead. A short stint as a college prof found me working doubly hard as I had to also study again what I was teaching.

And then came wifehood. Then motherhood.

And the plan with hubs is that I will return to school, get my Masters. And this plan is great when you consider that I will be applying as a student in UP's Open University. This way, I need not worry about missing weekends with the family, or worrying about babysitting arrangements for my son on a regular basis. I can enjoy being a SAHM without getting redundant. And my husband can get a position anywhere else in the country, or the world, and I can still continue going to school.

And then, my course choice will come in handy in my homeschooling plans for my kids.

And when the time comes that my kids need less of me, I can pursue a career again outside the home.

That's the plan. And I cannot help but grin at how perfectly everything has fallen into place.

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