Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reflections on an assignment

We were asked to come up with a presentation for a Behaviorism concept, a sort of tutorial really. After finishing it, here are my reflections:

1) I had fun. Despite the challenge of using a program I am not really that at-home with.

2) And now, I am not at all intimidated anymore by MS Powerpoint. Sure, there's still lots of room for improvement, which I know will happen as I/we continue on.

3) Creating instructional materials is really very challenging. It's not enough that you have the materials/references, it's being able to package it in the best way possible for it to serve its purpose.

4) Which is why there should really be a different team invested in instructional design, and coming up with the instructional materials, and the actual teaching of the courses.

5) And yes, it is very easy sometimes to get lost in the technology. You get caught up in wanting to use the latest tools available, even if it’s unnecessary.

6) And losing sight of your goals just makes things harder and uses up more time.

7) Reviewing your output helps you come up with something that may not be spectacular (at first) but definitely something you can live with and wouldn’t be ashamed of.

8) Brevity always helps. KISS (Keeping IT Sweet and Simple) too.

9) One other thing that helps is to keep asking yourself, "Am I getting my points across? If I were the end user, will I actually learn from his?"

10) Because assuming that what is logical and acceptable to you is logical and acceptable for everyone would simply be wrong.

11) And yes, I understood the finer points of my subject matter now because of all the researching and reviewing I had to do for it.

12) And always, there is a point where you should just simply let go and say "enough!" You can learn from your mistakes and imperfections anyway.

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