Thursday, July 31, 2008

The biggest room in the house...

... always is the room for improvement.

Personally, I know that when I am passionate about something, I really surprise even myself as to the lengths I will go to for it. But I have to admit that I am just simply overwhelmed and thus, are having problems with managing my priorities and time.

Aside from adjusting to staying at home (and its psychosocioeconomic implications for me) and a baby (who do not seem to know the word 'routine' has been coined and is good), adjusting to studying via DE is also posing a big challenge for me.

I am actually enjoying the reading and being able to learn on my own, but I find myself always backtracking over words and concepts that are new or intimidating. And finding things as intimidating and overwhelming isn't good, because then it gets me unconsciously putting up a resistance to actually learn. Putting off studying is not something an active learner does. Cramming isn't something an active learner does.

Good thing for me, DE allows some liberty of pacing for its students. And I intend to try better this time. I mean, do better, not just try.

The most important thing I believe will make a difference really is time management. Coming up with a realistic schedule to study and sticking to it will make it a habit, instead of a chore. And studying regularly will help with my feelings of insecurity, it will empower me and thus make learning more enjoyable for me.

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