Friday, July 25, 2008


Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines as more and more parents are getting involved in their kids' education and are wont to embrace alternatives to what has been popularly available.

One mine of information and support for those who may be considering it is the yahoogroups PINOYHOMESCHOOL, where many parents who have, and are succesfully, homeschooling their kids share their resources and realizations with those who are hoping to go the same road.

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Svelte Rogue said...

any reco's for mikka, mec? he'll be in between prep and grade 1 when we return to manila in a few weeks and i would like for him to be occupied sana before next june. my sister has mentioned homeschooling and a friend has recommended a montessori school. what's the news on the ground where you are?