Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm only enrolled in two subjects but already, am finding myself unable to breathe.

First, there are the BIG words... ACADEME words I haven't heard/read for ages, some i've never even really heard.

Second, there is the THINKING required for the assignments. It's not that I haven't done much of it in recent years, but I haven't thought that way in years! Finding myself contemplating designs, models, methods, connections, etc. again is like being presented with Calculus. Ugh.

Third, there is the adjustment thing... since I have to include the studying in my ever-changing daily routine. I am literally losing sleep again just reading and typing up responses for my virtual community.

Fourth, there is Harry Potter. I have no idea why I had to re-read the series and now cannot stop till i've finished the seven books again. I'm only starting the fifth.

Fifth, there is the Amelia Bedelia series, which is a new discovery. Absolutely funny series. Perfect for teaching idioms, really.


h. said...

wow, homeschooling? really? :-) i wish we could do that. share your learnings please.

Joanna said...

Hi, Mec! We're technically schoolmates pala. I'm UPOU's Master's in Hospital Administration program. Actually started before I got married, but had to take an LOA twice. Ang mahirap kasi sa amin, meron pang face to face lectures, although once a month lang naman. Still enjoying learning naman. :)