Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School: Urgent and Important

I's September already and I have yet to make some headway in my book reports and term paper, due on September 20.

What's more, I have seriously missed a lot of assignments and discussions. I am still struggling with time management. And I get confused if i'm just using my son as an excuse, or it's really important that I attend to him, play with him, get involved in whatever he does during the day.

Schoolwork is both urgent (because I left it late) and important right now. I have to meet my deadlines, not just for the sake of meeting them, but because it's important that I maximize my resources. I dipped into the one-income family fund for this semester's tuition. I cannot afford to waste the money!

And I am starting this masterals at 30, a little late by some people's standards. So I shouldn't be wasting time either.

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DigiscrapMom said...

it's always never too late when it comes to education. my dad became a lawyer at 57 though he was a cpa 30+ years before that. my mom completed her college degree while i was in grade school and had her doctorate when i was in college. for me, education never has a time frame. it's your quest and passion for learning that has one.

i'm glad you're doing your masters at home. it's a tough task to do given that you there's so much discipline involved. i wish i had the time to pursue my law studies but then again, priorities have changed once more.

i'm backing you up in this journey of yours. i'm sure your kids will have one great homeschooling mom in the very near future.

btw, if only i have the time, i'll be homeschooling basti. it's one of the things i really wanted to do for his education in the first place. hats off to you and to all other homeschooling moms.