Monday, November 26, 2012

A Reading Concern? So Far, Nope

I keep telling myself that Yakee is a physical learner... and though he'd sit still longer now when we do read (and I really try to keep it to 15 min sessions) and try harder, he'd still tend to move around.

Last Thursday, he chose to read our book while in front of me (and I was holding the book right) and it was the wrong edge up for him. But he was reading (sounding off the sounds, putting them together, and answering my comprehension questions) so I just let him be, and kept telling myself that I really have to come up with ways to make him move a lot while reading. And more opportunities for him to hang upside down so he'd have a better sense of orientation for his P's and G's.

But dyslexia came to mind... what if?

It was serendipitous that he got a storybook on dyslexia (Xilef by Adarna House) and as the boy in the story told of how letters jumped and danced about on the page, I was able to ask my son if letters do the same for him, without sounding worried or making a big deal out of nothing. He told me they don't because he can point to them and didn't need to hold onto them (just like what Xilef's tutor told him to do).

What's more, the practice of going from right to left and pointing at the letters (then putting the sounds together) were mentioned in the storybook as tools to help a child read... and it's something we do, and something Yakee liked knowing was a good way to master reading.

So, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief that as of the moment, there seems to be no special needs that have to be addressed where reading is concerned. Yakee's writing has improved too. Before, he would just right BAT but now, he felt self-assured enough to write BAG (the G is harder for him, it usually appears like a mirror image). He has written other words... and just made me smile when he wrote "I (heart shape) U" and "We (heart shape) U" :)

He's still writing more near the edge of the paper though... but that's okay. I'm just noting so I can check later when he transitions.

We are on this page now!
Extra, extra challenge... no disrupted routine, earlier waking, more rhythm in our activities, more outdoors!  Real hard though with the holidays!!!

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