Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our First Week Or So

Truthfully, I did not aim high for our first week. I wanted to start on more rhythmic days so I made sure there are alternating qualities to their days. So, after waking up, we prepare breakfast and I usually give them free time to just spray water outside (sometimes to create rainbows, sometimes to just shower themselves). And then we read (Ball-Stick-Bird) or do Maths (counting marbles). And then free play.

We also garden by watering the plants every other day (since they spray on them all the time anyway). We have also painted twice last week (and that was very stressful for me, and made me realize I should just really invest in the right, more expensive materials to get the results I want). The boys have been playing with the wooden toys and assisting more in chores.

The biggest struggle though is keeping Yamee preoccupied so he won't bother Kuya and I while we read.

Other things I realized yet again about my Kinder-grade child include:
1) he really likes painting more than coloring or drawing
2) he doesn't have a problem with sizes and shapes, but still confuses T and S, V and Y, M and N
3) he still has to count with his fingers the marbles, instead of doing them in his head... but he can add and subtract that way (so, physical/tactile learner really)
4) he gets restless from sitting down after 10 minutes or so, so even if he doesn't want to stop, I suggest we do since he's already hanging and jumping around... a challenge for me to provide reading activities that include movement

We are already on this page (and yes, I am proud he's really the one doing the reading). I will also admit that I sweat more as I will with my mind for the sounds and connections to come out of Yakee. Haha.

I like that before, he gets stressed and disheartened by the long words but has now adopted the technique of covering a letter to make double letters more 'manageable' for him.

At first, he thought my suggestion we stop when he is becoming restless was punitive... and he hit me with a book because of that last week. Good thing though, he's more cooperative now when I suggest it, having explained that when he starts feeling restless, it's his body telling him he has to start moving.

And because my eczema was acting up and I was struggling... this was the only thing I could come up with by way of lanterns for Martinmas. I just used old ice cream containers and asked Yakee to put glue in the holes I cut so we could paste the colored cellophane. He preferred lighting the candles though.

I couldn't not celebrate Martinmas because it falls on Yame's birthday... and I wasn't brave enough to let them carry the lanterns :D

And I know, I have got to overcome my crafts funk... BUT the thing is, I said the lanterns are our TRASH TO TREASURE thing and Yakee bought it. He likes the idea of reusing and recycling anyway.

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