Sunday, August 11, 2013

And Then, a Plateau of Five Weeks

Mostly, I was lazy, I think.

So, we ended with a lesson on AMPHIBIANS and proceeded to tackle the rest of the other vertebrate groups.

popsicle stick fishes... I made a boo-boo on this one because I told Yakee what he did wasn't nice, which was to draw with the marker near where the eye should be... I apologized greatly about that. Really feel bad about it to this day 'coz he was so shocked and hurt)

most of the fishes on the left are Yakee's prints... love, love this activity, and made on the back of actual posters so it's a really huge canvas!

spelling and reading activity

decided to let loose a little and let them have their way with dustless chalk on the ground... was rewarded by this:

that is his favorite thing to write nowadays... :)

New words to learn after reading a Bible passage

Proverbs 30: 24-28... Bible integration on our invertebrates topics, haha

all by himself, he thought of encircling the words he has already done... which was very important for me since it told me he is slowly building his own brand of study habits... love it!

finally introduced Yakee to the concept of vowel and consonant sounds

Yamee has to insist on having his work documented as well... so while Kuya and I were learning to count in two's and three's, here he was, building horizontally

Of course, Kuya insisted on play after 'learning'

not a great picture but drew numbers on the ground... our version of Math hopscotch where he would jump on the answer to my Math questions on addition and subtraction (he played proper hopscotch with cousins later)

and oh, he loves his abacus!!!  (not in picture but also Math-related is I bought him a 5-minute hourglass which helps him track time as well as also add... like, how many 5 minutes are in 10, 20 minutes?)

discussion of these led to talks here and there on how best to take care of our organs and what-not

Yakee's depiction of what a good thing is: not having so much lollipop and sharing it

Yamee's drawing of fishes (angler fish to be exact)

His drawing is improving too!

Yakee's initial attempts at drawing fish... he draws them better now, and even manages a gulper eel that looks like a gulper eel

Started discussing parts of trees, plants and types of plants... this is Yakee's drawing what a plant needs (sun, air and water)

when I asked him to draw a flower for me, he drew this

practicing handwriting (although I am not so strict about this yet... really need to purchase form drawing e-book already)

and when August came, we finally opened Yakee's Filipino book... he can read the words easily BUT needs pictures to have a sense of what the Tagalog words are

Thanks to Pappie, this is the only music we have... Yakee likes flicking on the marimba for background music, be it be for his brother's crying or whatever else

Yakee became obsessed with unusual fishes, the gulper eel, piranha, angler fish and dragon fish to be more specific. I let them watch videos on them, as well as watch videos of a school of fish.

No pictures to show for our discussion of MAMMALS. I did bring them along wearing posters that support breastfeeding at the Hakab Na! breastfeeding mob last week... and we watched a series of videos on marsupials (kangaroo from a newborn to a full grown joey), land predators (like the cheetah, or lionesses training cubs to hunt). No art project too!

Then, without enthusiasm on my part, we started on invertebrates. The boys got to watch a lot of videos on liife cycle of butterflies, harvesting honey, ant systems, octopus and jellyfish, unusual bugs... and the most recent, worms. I decided in the end to let them see worms being harvested out of a human's intestines just to bring home the message of washing hands and not touching dirty things. He loved flat worms in the ocean though, haha. No crafts yet on that too, but I now remember what to use the paper cups for.

Yakee has also been obsessed lately about turning every trash into treasure!

And I have asked him to memorize TREES by Joyce Kilmer... the prob with him though is because I asked him to do it, he isn't that confident about what he has retained. But he's 90% accurate already, considering I only ask him to repeat after me twice a day.

All in all, we are definitely behind on some things, and ahead on others. Good luck to us!

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