Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Third and Fourth Week

I still have not made a lesson plan nor scheduled our activities per subject. Sometimes, there would be a lot of seat work as we go through his books, punctuated only by exercise time with the sticks.

Yakee still uses the "my stomach is hurting because we didn't get to do the exercise" when he's feeling restless over seat work.

Anyway, we started our 3rd week with a short lesson differentiating wants from needs and rights. I don't think I was able to ace that discussion. Then we moved on back to a discussion of living things.

This was also a lesson on how God provides everything we need, and that He works though us parents to care for kids like Yakee.

We started with birds and I remembered to let them paint... so here are peacocks made from their hand prints. They also made an owl.

Here is another BIRDS activity of peacocks (hands and feet) for their grandma. Gave in to the use of technology and showed Yakee pictures of different bird eggs, nests and the most dangerous birds. 

Reptiles followed our discussion of birds and Yakee loved our discussions on snakes and pictures of constrictor ones. For crafts, we made snakes using paper rings. Yamee immediately cut up his orange one.

To test following instructions, shapes and directions, I used our wooden blocks to ask Yakee to put certain shapes at certain places in certain ways (e.g. triangle block on top of cylinder blocks). I love this activity because he is also familiarizing himself with shapes and fractions.

Of course, Yamee builds his own constructions beside us.

I use dominoes to discuss sets, lesser/fewer/least and more/most concepts as well as introduce counting in two's and three's.

Forgive the bad drawings on the life cycle of amphibians, haha.  know it is soooo bad that I gave in to the iPad again and let Yakee watch a 30-minute documentary on the life cycle of toads and salamanders. The back board was all abbout teaching Yakee ordinal numbers. 

We have not used this map yet but Yakee is sure looking forward to it. Thank heavens there were stocks at National Bookstore in SM Mega Mall (for only P119).

Since i'm not doing a lot of baking, I thought of using my muffin tray as a sorting tray for buttons... to practice my sons' fine motor skills as well as their sorting skills. I also asked Yakee to try and sort all from lightest shade to darkest. 

These were Divi buys (the ribbons and clothespins were for hanging up their work).


While discussing non-living things, I asked Yakee to draw non-living things that God made, per book's instructions...he drew a picked fruit, a dead leaf, a squashed flower and a dead dog.


Ending with a lesson on stampede... I showed the boys a video on the great migration, and got surprised when I teared up while trying to impress upon them the beauty and wonder of this particular phenomenon.

Sigh. I really wish that someday, we could witness it live.


Discussing reptiles with Yakee... Told him that instead of ears, they usually just have ear holes. He replied with, "oh, just like naked mole rats"

Amazing, the things he remembers... And crazy, the books we buy him PappieJojo...

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